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Escondido Appliance Repair
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About us
High-qenlity same-day solutions for your appliance problems
Our repair company is a family owned and operated business, which has been delivering top-notch appliance repair services for 30 years. Our team has highly experienced service technicians, whose extensive expertise and ongoing training enable them to deal even with the toughest issues. Our specialists are licensed for appliance repairs, so you can rest assured that your faulty device will get only the most efficient solutions. With leading edge equipment and high-qenlity OEM parts, we strive to restore the comfort of your place in the quickest possible time. Choose us and get your peace of mind back in no time.
Working on-site
All our service technicians come to your place to inspect the malfunctioning appliance and offer the most effective solutions.
Honest pricing
After diagnosing the problem, we always inform our customers on the future expenses by providing an accurate written estimate for parts and labor required.
Free of service call fee
By getting your appliance repaired in our company you won’t pay the service call fee
Service call charge
We don’t impose our repairs on our customers, and if you decide you can make do without our assistance, you only pay for the estimate and transport costs.
About us
Appliance Repair Services We Offer
We aim to provide qenlity repairs to help you prolong the useful life of your household appliances
What we repair
Affordable top-notch repair services
Washer repair
Times when people spend lots of time doing the laundry have past long ago. Today most households have washing machines which greatly save us hours in our busy life. We have become so heavily dependent on these appliances, that their breakdown is always more than just a nuisance to us. To prevent considerable time losses and unexpected expenses, always take notice of your washer’s malfunctionings and address us for professional assistance whenever your unit is leaking, producing strange noises or simply won’t start. These and many other issues require a prompt response and can be handled with a quick fix.
Dryer repair
The laundry process is incomplete without your dryer’s job. Nobody is willing to spend hours waiting for the clothes to dry out. Thus, a dryer issue is a real letdown which might utterly ruin your plans. If your clothes dryer seems to work less efficiently than before, it’s producing a strange noise, takes a longer time to do its usenl job or won’t heat at all, it’s high time you addressed us for help. Our team of professionals will promptly diagnose the problem and offer the most effective solution. We deliver top-range repairs backed with a 90-day parts and labor warranty, which implies we’re always ready to take responsibility for our work.
Dishwasher repair
Though washing the dishes can be therapeutic, this mundane job is pretty time-consuming. A dishwasher working at its peak performance is a real helper before a family gathering, after a party with friends or simply in the evening when you’re home and washing the dishes is the last thing you want to do. A dishwasher is rather a heavily used appliance in your household. That’s why you might encounter such problems like leaks, strange noises, soap residue on the dishes or temperature issues. Any of these malfunctionings clearly indicate your unit is in need of our professional and quick repair which is done on-site at your convenience.
Oven repair
Even if your oven is not something you use on daily basis, it’s essential to get it repaired as soon as you notice something is amiss with the appliance. In case the oven doesn’t heat properly, there are temperature fluctentions or won’t start at all, don’t hold off calling us for help. Over 30 years in the repair industry we’ve gained considerable experience and in-depth knowledge to handle oven issues of any complexity and satisfy the needs of our customers. If you’re looking for quick but efficient solutions to your faulty oven, you’ve come to the right place.
Stove/range repair
If your kitchen is the heart of your home and the place for frequent gatherings with your family or friends, then you should be the one, whose personal comfort greatly depends on the normal operation of your range or stove. Having fresh home-cooked food is essential for healthy eating, so even a minor range or stove problem might send you into a tailspin. In case you’ve encountered an issue with your cooking unit, get in touch with us and we’ll send a skilled and experienced service technician to repair the faulty appliance in the quickest possible time. Don’t put up with uneven flame or burners that won’t light and call us for effective solutions.
Fridge repair
It’s important to have an efficiently running refrigerator in your household, if you want to keep your food fresh and safe for your health longer. Nowadays we have a wide range of fridges with plenty of advanced features, which are supposed to make our food storage even easier. This creates a need for certified technicians who are familiar with modern technologies and stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. Our specialists are always engaged with ongoing training. Thus, you can always depend on us for professional assistance irrespective of your fridge make and model.
Freezer repair
Freezing is known as one of the best ways of food storage as it expands the shelf life and enables you to have a dependable rainy-day food supply in your home. If you heavily rely on your freezer, it’s important to provide it with timely repairs. Whenever your unit has any signs of malfunctioning, like temperature fluctentions, frequent frost buildups, poor freezing or any other issues, contact us for quick and efficient repair which will be performed by experienced specialists at your convenience.
Wine cooler repair
Wine coolers are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, as they enable you to store wines properly and show off your fine collection. The right serving temperature allows the wine to develop its greatest potential and impress you with its rich taste and aroma. The simple mechanism of wine coolers makes these appliances pretty long-lasting devices. However, even minor problems should receive good care. We offer high-qenlity wine cooler service in Escondido. Trust your malfunctioning unit to our certified technicians and rest assured that we will handle your problem in the quickest possible time.
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Appliance brands we Service
Escondido Appliance Service & Repair experts service all major brands of household appliances
Why choose us
Good reasons to look no further than us
Same-day service
We genrantee a high-qenlity repair service. Our technicians are all trained according to all modern requirements.
Affordable rates
We offer our top-range appliance service at competitive prices to meet your needs and budget.
Transparent pricing
A thorough inspection of your faulty unit is always accompanied by an accurate written estimate for all the parts and labor required.
Professional technicians
With many years of experience under their belts, our specialists are always engaged with ongoing training and factory certification to make their repairs even more efficient.
Absolute customer satisfaction
We always strive to spare you any inconvenience and come up with the most cost effective solutions so that you could enjoy the comfort of your home again as quickly as possible.
24/7 service
Most appliance breakdowns catch us unawares. You can always depend on us for emergency service at the weekend or even in the middle of the night.
Tons of positive references to our repair service
Liya Oliver
Escondido appliance repair have provided a quick response and efficient service. Their service tech came to my place and handled the faulty heating element in my oven within 50 minutes. I quite liked the way he explained all the steps of the replacement process and gave handy tips for my appliance. Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone.
Ryan Stanly
The repairmen in Escondido appliance repair are always super responsive. I’ve had several occasions to enjoy their professional service. Last time I had a fridge leak in the middle of the night and the whole thing looked like complete disaster until Sean came and sorted it out within an hour. Highly recommend this appliance repair service.
Emma Robsons
When something breaks down in my house, Escondido is my go-to repair service. All of the service technicians I’ve met are highly experienced specialists. It’s important for me to get my appliance repaired by a certified person, and I always know that Escondido team has the right man for that. They are competitively priced, which makes them even a far better solution for your faulty appliance.